Interior Migration - Creating Space In The Home (And Mind)

Hello! How is it nearing the end of September already?  This month, I'm getting organised (yes, really!) Autumn is a great time to sort storage whilst also exploring how embracing the changing of seasons is essential to wellbeing. After all, getting organised ultimately leads to happiness: as the age old saying goes ‘Tidy Home, Tidy Mind'....right?

Every day at the moment, around dusk, I hear a kind of squawking noise approaching my home and, if I can get to a window quickly enough, I can see the ‘V’ shape formation of migrating Geese passing over, soaring through the red sky into some unknown horizon. I often wonder where they are going. It's the same each year and a sign for me that the warmth of Summer is beginning to fade. This could be a tad depressing, especially after the scorcher we’ve had. My boys and I have been literally living outside; we’ve had family barbecues; played in the paddling pool; gone to the beach. We haven’t spent much time inside at all.

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t spend much time in my home it's very easy to let go of the organisation I had a good grip on before the Summer. Dust settles in places I don’t use, things get taken out and not put away again as I think “I’ll do that when the sun’s not shining”. However, now it’s cooling down, children (and parents!) have settled back into school routine, so it's the perfect time to do what I call ‘interior migration' - move back to using your indoor space and prepare to ‘nest down’ for the winter months. 

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Storage Baskets

I am a sucker for putting things in boxes and baskets. I have wicker baskets in my bathroom, the boys’ toys are in hidden away in fabric storage tubs and my laundry, which always seems to be eternally piling up, is not on show in our bedroom but is kept neatly in (*cough* shoved in…) a lidded laundry bin so I just don't have to be reminded of it! Container storage is not only good because it gives things a home, but also because it hides things that might otherwise be a bit of an eyesore around the house.

Halifax White Painted Shelving Unit with Rattan Baskets

Storage Furniture

That being said, storage isn’t just about separate containers; storage furniture continues to be hugely popular, no matter the size, because of its versatility. Duck Barn’s Halifax White Painted Shelving Unit with Rattan Baskets is a firm favourite of mine in that it doubles up as a wall divider, can house storage baskets to hide a multitude of sins whilst also allowing shelf space for books, photo frames and maybe a wooden duck

Items for the hallway are great too for storing shoes and clutter by the front door. Tidy them away for a lovely clear entrance when you open your front door.

When considering your storage solution, a great place to start is simply to ask yourself who needs access and how often? Do you need a basket you can dip into easily or will lidded storage be better to stack and keep items dust free? A top tip is also to be ruthless, yes, take a deep breath and de-clutter by recycling items that just aren’t used anymore to your local charity shop - they will be very grateful. (Note to self - must do this!) 

Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is often the hub of the home and used for so many purposes: cooking, eating, socialising, drinking gin… you need storage to organise foods, ingredients, accessories. Using the right storage in the right places in your kitchen space, whether its large or small, is also hugely practical so you can access stuff quickly with having to scramble up on the kitchen side and pull everything out of a cupboard (yes, I am speaking from experience...)! I love the idea of having fixed storage in my home for as many foodstuffs as possible so that I don’t have to buy items with unnecessary packaging. We buy our eggs locally (also cheaper than the supermarkets) and they go straight into our wire egg basket- that looks fab on the worktop. Practical and eco friendly! #Winning! Tea, coffee and sugar canisters also make fantastic storage whilst looking good on the kitchen side- I reckon they keep everything far fresher than the original packaging and look so much nicer! 

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Once you’ve sorted your storage, it becomes so much easier to tidy things away and this will contribute to your space feeling more peaceful and calmer. I for one need to come home and be in a space that is organised: I'm currently trying out mindfulness in attempt to bring some calm to my otherwise busy and hectic life of being a mummy to two young boys, working from home and running my home too and I cannot emphasise how much interior space aids in me reaching a ‘calm state’. Having a clear space brings me instant happiness and I think it's rubbing toddler, James, also understands this concept- he puts his hands on his hips and says “Oh no Mummy! A mess. James will tidy it up. Don’t worry!”

Agnes Mohair Feel Throw Ochre

Storage doesn’t just have to be about tidying something away; in fact you can achieve a focal point or feature in a room using storage solutions. Our  fireside log baskets instantly add a country warmth to a room, their rustic wicker bringing a texture that makes them such practical but beautiful features. 

You can also mix this wicker and woven texture with softness by rolling blankets and throws into them (I’m in love with our  Agnes Mohair feel throw in Ochre)  ready to grab one out to drape over your lap or snuggle under for a family film- in fact having a few different coloured throws can instantly freshen and add warmth to a room. 

Whatever the type of storage solution you decide on, getting things organised, especially at this time of year, will not only bring that little bit extra to your interior space, it will allow you to make interior space in your mind too- for something more beneficial to you!

Have fun decluttering - take a before and after picture, that's always very satisfying and why not share them with us on social media? We'd love to hear what your top storage tips are too- do share by commenting below.

Emily x

Emily Tumber

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