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Furniture Before Festivities

Furniture Before Festivities 0

So, Autumn has snuck up on us and it’s prompted me to focus on furniture and, dare I mention it, but the word that starts with C and ends in mas. There, I’ve done it. Whether we like it or not, it’s not such a bad idea to think about it early, so grab a cuppa and join me!
Interior Migration - Creating Space In The Home (And Mind)

Interior Migration - Creating Space In The Home (And Mind) 0

Hello! How is it nearing the end of September already? This month, I'm getting organised (yes, really!) Autumn is a great time to sort storage whilst also exploring how embracing the changing of seasons is essential to wellbeing. After all, getting organised ultimately leads to happiness: as the age old saying goes ‘Tidy Home, Tidy Mind'....right?
  • Emily Tumber
  • Tags: Storage
Sticking My Beak In

Sticking My Beak In 1

Hello! I'm Emily, a wife, mummy of two and a lover of all things interiors and I've recently joined the Duck Barn team, so I'm sticking my beak in to interview Tracy, the founder and owner of Duck Barn Interiors, to find out more about the company and its gorgeous handpicked home furnishings and accessories.