Who Are You Quackers About?

With February here, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Some people embrace it and others may choose not to, but this month I’m thinking about how to find and give the perfect gift, without over doing it...

 My lovely husband has a creative talent, and this means that the pressure is on as he seems to be able give the most incredibly thoughtful cards and gifts, often handmade, and he’s always keen to buy a present from a small or unique business. Of course, it’s so lovely to be at the receiving end of such thoughtfulness - already a gift enough in itself, but (and I feel bad to admit that there is a but) this means that the bar is set high for someone who shall we say is perhaps less creative (but with many other talents I hasten to add 😉).

I know gift giving isn’t a competition...of course it’s not but I feel the need to find a gift that achieves the same feeling that his gifts and cards give me: you’re special and loved but without breaking the bank.

Medium Wire Weave Lamp with Fairy Lights

Medium Wire Weave Lamp with Fairy Lights 

So, what are my gift suggestions? Well, my top ‘go to’ items are our Wire Weave Lamps. When we were chatting about our Valentine’s collection, Tracy and I both suggested these first as they are one of our favourite and most popular products at Duck Barn. They are just so striking and unique. They provide a magical twinkle and glimmer, but in an entirely stylish and understated way. Incredibly versatile, they can be for him or her and would look stunning in any space. It’s thoughtful, will last far longer than a box of chocolates and is so far away from the label of ‘high-street panic buy’ that it’s bound to make your loved one feel instantly special. Choose from small, medium or large and they come boxed so are super easy to wrap. Perfect.  

If you’re having to keep to a tight budget, getting a little something and then adding to it yourself is a great way of giving a gift that’s special without denting your savings. We have a number of stunning heart ornaments including the simple and chic Farringdon Heart. I love this because it isn’t just for Valentine’s Day- would look amazing on a wall all year around. It’s also got that industrial feel to it as crafted from steel. It’s stylishly simple. So why not add a little something of your own to it? Hang a voucher for a massage from it, weave wild flowers around it, peg a photo of you and your loved one to it. I like the idea of writing a few ‘favour’ cards where you promise to do some special things for your loved one - cook them their favourite meal, indulge in a lie in, a trip to the cinema.... it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it would look amazing and be so appreciated - a grand gesture without a grand budget! 

Natural Welly Duckling in Red Hearts Wellies

Natural Duckling in Heart Wellies

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Spry Aphrodite Candle with Lid

Spry Aphrodite Candle with Lid

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Melt Love Tall & Thin Scented Candle

Melt Love Tall & Thin Candle 

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I am an absolute sucker for something scented. Preferably a gorgeous candle or room diffuser... Anything with sandalwood or fig and I am a happy bunny. Our new range by a stunning brand called Spry, who hand make all their products and whose candles are entirely eco-friendly, would be a perfect gift. They use the incredibly luxurious ingredients, including oud, in some of their fragrances and this alone makes them a truly special gift. Why not have one burning when your loved one comes home or pop in the centre of your table if you’re having dinner at home- it’s bound to set a perfect scene. All of our candles and diffusers come in gift boxes too- so easy to wrap or just tie a ribbon around! We also stock the very aptly named Love scented candles by Melt which, with their strong red colour and mix of fresh rose scent, make them an ideal Valentine’s gift.

For those of you who are as quackers as we are about a duck- our wonderfully quintessential range of DCUK wooden ducks, penguins and chickens make gorgeous gifts. You can personalise their names tags too - why not get two named after you both? A personalised gift says so much more.

Farringdon Steel Heart

Farringdon Steel Heart 

The beauty of gift shopping with a small business is that you are already guaranteed that your gift isn’t mainstream. It won’t scream “I bought this in a mad rush” or "I opted for the cliche". All our gifts are already personally chosen by Tracy, whose ethos of “if I wouldn’t have it in my home then it doesn’t make the cut” means that each gift has been looked at, carefully considered and loved already. 

For some more ideas and inspiration just visit our Valentine's Gift page or visit our Pinterest page (just click the logo below) and see our Valentine's pin board and if nothing else, drop massive hints about what would be on your wish list! ❤️

If you’re really stuck and you want to drop us an email or message on social media, then please do get in touch - we’d be happy to help!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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