September is the New January...

I recently read an article in one of the many home magazines that I may have an obsession with, that September is fast becoming the month of fresh starts and new mentalities over the traditional January time of resolutions. Both seasons are accompanied with endings: with January it is the end of our festive period along with the end of the year and with September we usually wave goodbye to the Summer (although I fear we may have done this in July this year?!), long evenings and outdoor living. The world of retail acknowledges both of these times with seasonal sales too, when you can grab a bargain or think ahead and stash away a gift or two for later in the year. Yet, I find that September is for me, and evidently for quite a few others, the better month to start a project, to have a sort out, to begin a new journey… I have started running, doing the Couch to 5k and I am thoroughly enjoying testing my post-natal body and getting a small amount of ‘me time’ back. I am also keenly rethinking areas of my home as we prepare to be inside a bit more and so I thought why not share this inspiration with you, whilst also sharing some beautiful new and current Duck Barn products that will hopefully inspire you too…

Farringdon Double Wall Shelf - Steel

The Farringdon Double Wall Shelf. Stunningly simple...

My bathroom is in need of a refresh. It isn’t very big either, so I need to sort some practical storage that will house towels, toilet rolls, the boys bath toys (I HATE these being on show) and toiletries. We also need somewhere to hide the cleaning products so little hands don’t get to them and because they are just so unsightly. We’ve been rather busy getting some gorgeous new products onto the website in the past few weeks and as I’ve been sorting them, I’ve been adding (SO MUCH) to my list of things I want for my home! The Farringdon Double Wall Shelf is a must buy for me- it will look stunning with my guest towels rolled into bundles and is also a fantastic place to store toilet rolls and soaps. For hand towels and everyday towels, the Hambledon Towel Ladder is a stunning solution - plus great for drying towels quickly. It’s a stylish and Scandi style solution to a traditional wall mounted towel rail.

For Laundry I think having a big basket to just chuck it all in is just great-. Our new grey wash wicker storage hampers come in four different sizes so perfect for any size family or space. I like the fact they are lidded too - out of sight out of mind?  These are also perfect for storing bedlinen.

Designers Guild Alba Alabaster Large White Throw 267 x 244cm

 Alabaster Throw

Buy Now

Dark and Lights Laundry Chest - Rattan

Laundry Chest

Buy Now

Cast Iron Bracket Shelf, Large - Raw Oak

Oak Shelves

Buy Now

Then I plan to start on the kitchen. We recently asked in our new Facebook group (if you haven’t joined please do- it’s a fab new group where we plan to share ideas, projects and talk all things interiors) which room was the hardest to style and the kitchen got the most votes. Storage is often an issue in the kitchen and you can help with having smart canisters & storage on display such as our chalk white tea, coffee and sugar canisters and matching bread bin. I need the cupboards for crockery and food, so these can proudly be on show on the worktop. I also have our fun egg run to hand. We have a wall in our kitchen that could benefit with some storage, so I have my eye on our new cast iron and wood wall shelves - they come in two sizes and whether you mix and match them, stack them or have them on their own they are perfect for adding invaluable space to keep things tidy.

Finally, a change of soft furnishings with cushions and throws can make a huge difference and is a simple and fairly cheap way of making a fresh difference. I love our Biggie Best Grey Velvet cushion and plan to team that with our Malini Luxe Grey ones to provide some different tones (see our Grey Tones Style Ideas...) Our bedroom is a dark blue and I LOVE the Malini Luxe Blue Wing cushions that Tracy recently used in one of her interior projects in Windsor- they are so luxurious yet affordable. To really finish it off I plan to add the Designers Guild Alba Alabaster – it’s beautiful yet very light, so is perfect for adding layers in the chillier months.

Wooden Cyclist Ducklings

Simple and stylish. The Charcoal Egg Run...

I’m feeling excited by the prospect of freshening things up and have to admit that thinking about it now does actually feel really right and easier now than in January when we’re all a little exhausted after Christmas & New Year. This year I am NOT going to spend the whole of November and December stressing about that much talked about C-Word and I have actually already bought a few gifts and decorations in preparation- yes really! We have released some of our festive stock into our SALE, so if you want to avoid the stress and start early you must come have a look (sale on until end of August).

So, I urge you all to give it a go- embrace this new time of new beginnings and at least take the pressure off doing it all at one time of the year. Remember a home that is how you want it to be is good for the soul!

Do let me know how you get on,


Emily x

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