Replacement Fairy Light String & Adaptor - Duck Barn Interiors
Replacement Fairy Light String & Adaptor - Duck Barn Interiors

Replacement Fairy Light String & Adaptor


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These replacement fairy lights and adaptors are for the Wire Weave Fairy Light Lamps - unfortunately nothing lasts forever so they will need replacing after a while. They come in two sizes - the small and medium lamps take the 60 string lights and the larger wire weave lamp takes the 80 string, meaning you can get plenty more hours out of your lovely lamp.

  • Dimensions: 80 String - 800cm x 1cm x 1 cm
  • Dimensions: 60 String - 600cm x 1cm x 1cm
  • Includes adaptor

Instructions how to replace the Fairy Lights in the Wire Weave Lamps.

To rewire the lamp is a bit fiddly and takes about 15 minutes – but VERY satisfying once done. 

Remove the plug from the wall socket, and disconnect from the lamp.  Lay a soft cloth on a table, invert the lamp and remove the base with a twist. Cut the cable tie and remove the grommet and put to one side. Gently tug and pull away the old fairy light string. 

Fold the new fairy light string in half. Weave randomly into the basket by tucking the fairy light string into the wire. Secure the white sleeve to the basket frame near the base with a cable tie. 

Once done thread the white connect into the grommet and then re-seat into the base. Ensure the ‘tail’ is about 20cm long and then align and reconnect the base with a twist. Reconnect the plug, switch and adapter cable and you are all done! 

To prolong the life of the fairy lights we suggest you use the ‘new’ adapter with the ‘new’ fairy light string. 


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